About Me - Jeremy Bannock HBSc. Kin, M.OMSc


Growing up Jeremy was raised in a household that always put natural and holistic health principles in action. When illness struck the prescription was always vitamins, water and sleep. 

It was through personal interest in the human body and exercise that led Jeremy to go to McMaster University where he studied and graduated from the Kinesiology program with honours, excelling in neuroscience and neuromuscular anatomy.

From his late teens and into his early twenties, Jeremy had suffered significant pain in his low back and hips that no previous therapy had been able to fix. Through his personal pursuit for solution and fateful connections, Jeremy was referred to the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in his last year of university. After experiencing treatment as well as sitting in on a few lectures Jeremy found his personal solution as well as his professional calling. 

From there Jeremy graduated top of his class in 2012 and now enjoys helping others with Osteopathy just as he once was. Through patient education and thorough treatments, Jeremy is happy to help others achieve the freedom that a balanced body can bring again to everyday life!

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